About Us

Michael Chiappone, LCSW

Founder & President

Michael Chiappone has been a Social Worker for the past 17 years. His work has primarily focused on assisting people who are homeless, mentally ill or living with Substance Use Disorder. He also sees clients who seek help for a variety of reasons. For most of his career, he worked at Hope House Ministries, a highly respected not-for-profit agency. He held two positions at Hope House; Director of Project Hope II, a program that worked specifically with the chronic homeless population. He also assisted in the development and implementation of Hope Academy, a non-traditional, long-term treatment facility for substance abuse. Currently, he works full-time as a Coordinator at a Suffolk County SUD treatment facility.  


One of Michael’s passions is learning and teaching. For the past 8 years, Michael has had the opportunity to teach college-level courses. For the past 5 years, Michael has been an Adjunct Professor at the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook. He currently teaches a foundation course entitled Human Behavior & the Social Environment. He also had the opportunity to develop courses including Spirituality and addiction as well as Self Care for Social Workers. 


Michael has had the opportunity to partner with and provide workshops for social workers, human services agencies, middle/high school students and administrators, libraries, Civic Associations, and various community organizations. Due to Michael’s understanding of and involvement with certain issues, he has been invited to sit on many committees including the Gordon Height’s Clerical Council, Suffolk County Sheriff Citizen Advisory Board Meetings and  a Committee Member on the Suffolk County Opiate Task Force. 


Michael has provided training in the following areas: Harm Reduction, Human Rights and Policy, Mindfulness and Self Care for Human Service Providers, Treatment Modalities of Addiction, Engaging the Chronic Homeless Population, Leadership, a range of LGBTQ issues including, Creating Safe Spaces for Workers and Clients, Conflict Resolution and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. 


Michael has committed his life to engaging others and helping them become the best version of themselves. He is well versed in dealing with and overcoming obstacles. He has a passion for education, professional training and advocating for social justice. Michael has been awarded the prestigious Healthcare Hero award as well as the IRCares Scholarship Award. He has been blessed and believes in passing on the good fortune that has been given to him.