Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your responses regarding teaching through CHI Professional Development, Inc.  There have been many exceptional inquiries!  I am inspired by the commitment you all have for social work. Clearly, you care deeply about the people you serve, evidenced by your extensive range of areas of expertise. 


I whole-heartedly believe in the work we do as social workers and educators.  I am looking to partner with other professionals who share a passion for education, helping those who are often disenfranchised and overlooked.  When I started CHI Professional Development, the first goal was to provide high quality, evidence-based professional development courses to my colleagues.  My second goal was to provide an educational environment where like-minded professionals could teach classes to their colleagues and be compensated well. 


The agreement is straightforward. For each course you teach, we split the profit 50/50 minus the small credit card processing fee.    A perk to teaching a course is the first time you deliver it; you also get the credit for it! 


Your Responsibility 

You provide the research, materials, and presentation for the workshop.  The workshop's length and the cost are up to you as long as it's within acceptable ranges of workshop costs. If you need help with pricing it out, I would be more than happy to discuss this with you.  All you do is "show up" and teach.  You dictate the time, date, and whether you want it to be a Live Zoom session, pre-recorded Self-Study, or both. 


My responsibility 

I take care of everything else!  For those of you who own your own business, you know the list is endless, and the time spent maintaining that business is equally as long. 


Next Steps 

If you are still interested in teaching through CHI Professional Development Inc., please fill out the following form.  I will review and contact you to schedule a Zoom meeting for us to connect. 


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Please submit at least one course you would like to teach.

Thank you for submitting your information!  I will be getting back to you shortly!