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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

CHI Professional Development is donating all of its proceeds for the month of September to Hope House Ministries.


Hope House Ministries provides compassionate, comprehensive, and competent care for the poor, the marginal, and the wounded among us. This commitment recognizes that all life is sacred and every human being is unique and has the right to be respected and protected. Specifically, we are committed to young people and families in crisis, pregnant women and mothers and babies in crisis, and all other wounded people within our society, who are seen as abandoned and neglected.

" Hope House has played a significant role in my personal and professional life" - Michael Chiappone, LCSW, Founder & President of CHI Professional Development

All CHI Professional Development's profits in September will be donated to Hope House Ministries.

To learn more and support Hope House Ministry visit

Our previous classes are here Past Classes.

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