Alcohol: Friend or Foe

CE's - 2


Alcohol use disorder (AUD) remains a challenging clinical issue and complex public health dilemma. The purpose of this activity is to review the scope of alcohol’s public health impact, identify tools for the effective screening of AUD, and frame management strategies for stabilization and maintenance. This seminar will highlight screening tools, pharmacologic and behavioral management options for AUD, and, briefly, describe current frontiers in alcohol research.

Harshal Kirane, MD - Wellbridge

Treating Addiction: The Times they are a Changin'

CE's - 4


The approach in the field of Addiction, specifically Substance Abuse and Alcoholism has remained stagnant over 50 years if not longer. This workshop will introduce you to a changing algorithm in the field of addiction including the idea that the “dynamics of addiction” covers all addictions not just substances and alcohol. By the end of the workshop it is hoped you will have a fresh look at the treatment of addiction and be able to apply some of it to the clients you are working with.

Alan Rice, LCSW

Basic Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Training

CE's - 15


There has been greater awareness of solution focus brief therapy (SFBT) since its inception in 1982. It is common for SFBT to be included in survey courses in both undergraduate and graduate social work programs. The difficulty is finding trainers who have the experience and training in order to teach SFBT. The basic solution-focused brief therapy training is a 2 and ½ days course.

Joel Simon, LCSW

The Vagus Nerve in the Role of Mental Health & Modern Spirituality

CE's - 2


The vagus nerve is the 10th and longest bodily nerve.  We now know that this nerve tells the brain approximately 80% of what happens in your body.  This workshop will aid in one’s understanding some simple processes of the body and the reactions to others and their environment/s that clients present.

Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD , LCSW

Self Care for Mental Health Professionals and their Clients

CE's - 3


Activities involving Self-Care, mindfulness, diet, and exercise will be explored and experienced. We will consider the mental, physical and emotional benefits of self-care and mindfulness. We will create and experience self-care and Mindful activities for direct implementation in your personal and professional life.

Michael Chiappone, LCSW

Borderline Personality Disorder

CE's 2


Borderline Patients commonly seek treatment and clinicians struggle to work with them.  This seminar provides an overview on the etiology of this disorder, symptoms, and specific details about an empirically validated model of treatment. Dialectical Behavioral therapy is very useful and effective for the Borderline patient and participants will learn how to use it in their clinical practice. The seminar will cover theory and practice issues that can be used immediately.

Philip Feldman, PhD

Food Matters: The Connection to Nutrition and Mental Health

CE's - 3


This course will focus on the importance of nutrition and wellness. It will cover topics such as intuitive eating, nutrients, and meal planning. We will also discuss the three essential aspects of well-balanced eating. We will discover the power of plants and how to fuel your mind and body throughout the day properly. The importance of healthy food intake and mental health will also be explored.

Michael Chiappone, LCSW

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