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Homelessness to Hope: CEO of CHI Professional Development Nominated for Bethpage Best of Long Island

CHI Professional Development, a continuing education provider for mental health professionals, is pleased to announce its nomination for the esteemed Bethpage Best of Long Island 2024 in the Best Adult Education Category. This recognition is not just a nod to the institution but also a testament to the inspiring journey of resilience of its Founder/CEO, Michael Chiappone.

A Story of Transformation and Dedication

Michael Chiappone's life story is one of transformation and hope. Once a homeless teenager, Michael experienced the challenges life can throw at the vulnerable. However, with the support and assistance from those who work at Hope House Ministries, he found a way out of despair. Inspired by the help he received, Michael decided to dedicate his life to serving others.

He pursued a career in social work, graduated from the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University, and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). After many years of working with those who struggle with substance use disorder or are homeless, Michael founded CHI Professional Development with a vision to empower other mental health professionals. As its CEO, he is now leading an institution committed to providing exceptional continuing education courses for mental health providers, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to impact lives positively.

A Vision That Values All

CHI Professional Development stands out for its foundational principles, deeply rooted in Michael's respect and appreciation for those who are served by mental health professionals, learners, and educators. The institution was born out of a dual mission: to compensate the instructors well for their invaluable work while maintaining affordability for course participants. This approach creates a harmonious educational environment where educators feel valued and participants can access quality education without financial burdens.

CEO's Reflection

In reflecting on the importance of education for mental health professionals, Michael states, "I believe the work we do as mental health professionals is vital. However, we cannot just be good people who do nice things. We must have the best information to assist those entrusted to our care."

Recognition of Excellence - Best of Long Island

This nomination for the Bethpage Best of Long Island 2024 highlights CHI Professional Development's commitment to excellence and the significant role it plays in adult education for mental health professionals. It is a celebration of not just the institution's success but also Michael's personal journey of turning challenges into opportunities for serving others.

Michael also expressed thanks for the support of those who have participated in courses. Regardless of the Best of Long Island contest outcome, CHI Professional Development will continue to provide participant-friendly, high-quality education to social workers and mental health professionals.

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