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Lavinia Barbu, LCSW


Lavinia Barbu is a LCSW and has worked with children, adolescents and adults from all walks of life in various clinic settings in and around NYC area. Now she teaches wellness classes focusing on breath and breathing, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, stress -reductions, body scanning and meditation.

Lavinia has a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University and in 2018 she completed 1 year training as a Life Coach also from New York University. She is fascinated about the mind and body connection and promotes movement and proper breathing at any age. In order to have a rounded education of the human behavior and to understand the human body and human anatomy, she completed the 600 Pilates Comprehensive; Training Course at Core Pilates NYC in 2014 and the 200-h Yoga Teacher Training in the Sivan and a Ashram in 2017 where she lived for a month to experience the practices in her own body. Lavinia also teaches Pilates and Yoga classes for individuals and group settings.

Most of all she is passionate about teaching wellness and connecting the movement, pattern of breathing and stretching with self-care and creating a personal mind and body home practice. She explains that health is a state of being and we can all achieve optimal health if we learn to apply simple steps and techniques every day towards living healthy. Wellness is the state of living, a choice of a healthy life style. Lavinia believes that everyone has untapped potential within themselves and it takes a holistic approach to unleash it. She had been helping clients on their journeys inspiring them to reach their potential while living healthy and teaching them about the mind-body connection and how to enhance wellness in their life.

Lavinia Barbu, LCSW
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